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Pasquale Vaira Photography

Pasquale Vaira photograper & friend

As a milliner I have many photographers who shoot my work and they soon become friends. It is probably the case that artists/creatives are naturally attracted to each other.

Pasquale sees the world in a very artistic way. Through his photographs his personality shines through as does his passion for those images which shows an interest for vitality of life.

I thoroughly enjoy working with him and would recommend him for photo shoots from weddings to fashion, from fly-on-the-wall to fun shoots where a group of creatives have been brought together.

I suggest if you are looking for a photographer with a lot of character in his or her photos take a look at Pasquale's websites, and

Bespoke Hats for Hire, Reading Berkshire

Bespoke Hats for Hire

Now the Near Year is well under way we are blocking, designing and creating a selection of hats, cocktail hats, pillboxes and fascinators for hire, they will be for sale too if they haven't been worn.

There have been so many enquiries about hiring our hats in the past asked so many times in the past and, after my business head finally woke up, we all agreed this would be a great idea.

We have already had enquiries which has been very interesting as I have only advertised on social media. Perhaps a new website will have to be designed.

As a milliner I am able to offer a service where no one else will wear the hat you have hired, we also will  customise a little, perhaps another colour to match an outfit in the decoration.

Once our catalogue is ready clients will be able to order online.

We have so many ideas and so much work to do. Bespoke hats made to order will still be available,