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New Hats & Updating our Website

Our New look website It's all very exciting at the moment as we are busy making all our new hats. At the same time as preparing our new hats for the upcoming photoshoot with Tony Free, our in house photographer, we are also updating our website. Tony is undertaking this as well.

I can certainly recommend a photographer who can also help with the website is a great way forward.

This perchher style hat will be available to order on our website soon. It will also be available in a selection of colours.

Our 2017 Hat Collection.

New Designs Coming Soon.

We have been designing new hats for our website and shop. 

As racing and the Wedding season has begun for us we are very excited to announce our website is having it's Spring clean, new hats will be listed very soon.

Orders and enquiries for Royal Ascot and weddings are being received regularly. A very exciting and busy time of year!

Men's Hats - Our new website

Men's Hats are now available to buy from us online!
Since we have started selling hats in our shop we have been asked by customers about buying from us online. Finally we have a website,
The site has only just been completed recently and already it is receiving many views. If you are interested in seeing our stock online please have a look.
For more information please contact Danielle, details are on the website or myself at the shop.

Thank you for looking at our blog.