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Bridal 1950's Themed Bridal Photo Shoot

1950's pillbox hat accessorising a designer's beautiful 1950's styled wedding dress

Dress designed by Louise Rose Couture It is always a pleasure to be asked to be included within a photo shoot. The photo shoot was a collaboration between a number of people, dress designer, make up artist and photographer.

Today I have been asked again to collaborate in an Autumn photo shoot with a stylist, photographer, makeup artist and my friend Lyndsey Clark who is an amazing dress designer,

My next collaboration will take place in two weeks time, it will be a fantastic experience for us all.

Images to follow as soon as possible.

1920's Blue Cloche Hat

Stylish 1920's Blue Wool Felt Cloche 

This photo was taken at a disused railway station.
It is hard to imagine what it looked like 100 years ago but I would imagine very stylist ladies wearing very fashionable clothes and stylish accessories, which would have included a cloche hat, would have been waiting on the platform for their train to London.
Thank you Pasquale Vaira for the lovely images.

My Lovely Hat - The Classic Simply Audrey Design

My Lovely Hat!

Simply Audrey!
This is a very happy lady who had one of our bespoke hats handmade for her.
When having a hat designed there are many factors to take into account. The overall appearance is important. 
For a special occasion each part of the outfit should be taken into consideration, the dress for some is the starting point, for a few, it is the hat. If a client sees a design they particularly like, one which suits the shape of their face and isn't too large or too small, this is often a good starting point. 
This hat, which suited Jean perfectly, was an easy choice. Black is a classic colour as is a black and white dress. If the colour suits you there is very little which can go wrong if everything else falls into place.