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1920's Cloche Making Workshop

Cloche making workshop How to make a beautiful 1920's cloche with the perfect Art Deco decoration! 
Today was very enjoyable, Sarah was given a cloche making voucher from her husband as a birthday present.
I took a number of photographs to record the day.

The fist stage was steaming the wool hood to place on the cloche block.
Lots of steam!

Once the hood is steamed sufficiently it was placed on the block and the pinning process begins. Quite quickly the hood took the shape of a cloche.

To complete the shape we place a band very tight where the crown meets the brim.

We then allowed the cloche to dry completely before removing from the block

Once the cloche is dry it was removed from the block and cut to the required shape. Now the cloche starts taking shape.

The next stage is to wire the brim. After the wiring was complete using blanket stitch the cloche was ready for the next stage.
The next stage was to sew on the edging. For this cloche Sarah chose a pretty blue satin bias. The c…