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Alternative Hats

Alternative Styles of Hats

When hats make you smile and laugh.
Say wow or 'I wish I had somewhere to wear that hat'.
As a milliner I know I have succeeded in designing and making a hat which makes others smile.

This is one of those.
It was great when someone on Saturday said I saw that hat at Royal Ascot, I love that hat!

This hat is very unusual and reminds people of sweets they ate as children...... and many still do as adults.

A sweet anyone?

Bespoke Hats

My Dream
Is to sell hats in America!
We already have many hats in the US but our dream is to sell lots more of our designs from the 'Downton Abbey' style cloche great for the fall and winter, to our large 'Audrey Hepburn' style hats perfect for turning heads.
But how can we succeed?
With so many views on our blog and and website coming from the US somehow we must enter the American market.
Any ideas?

Fun Hats for fun occasions! Sweetie anyone?

We thought we would design a small collection             of hats which would bring a smile or two.
These sweets are very easy to make from felt                                 and the colours are perfect.

We thought these shapes would be interesting.

Anyone want a sweet?

Elegant Blue and White Hat

Elegant Blue & White Hat

White fabric edged with blue and the reverse, blue edged with white, is elegant and simple.
We thoroughly enjoy designing hats and using colours which help make a statement.
Having been asked to create an 'alternative'  collection we will be designing hats and headpieces which are so different from our usual style.
Watch this space!

Goodwood Revival 2015

Military uniforms for the Goodwood Revival 

If you would like to dress up as a GI for this amazing occasion we have the perfect uniforms available to hire.

Our uniforms are perfect for parties, theatre productions and the Goodwood Revival.

Vintage Hats

Elegant and sophisticated!
I absolutely love this hat and matching outfit.
The outfits from the 1950's were so sophisticated and every worn with such elegance. Hats were very important and completed the look!
At Adrienne Henry millinery our new designs for the future have been inspired by the 50's look as have many available to order from our website.

Look no further if you would like us to design the perfect hat for your original or inspired vintage outfit.