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Our Simply Audrey large brimmed hat is on it's way to Philadelphia!

Yesterday was a very exciting day for us.  We had a very special visitor from America who bought this hat in record time. As soon as I placed the hat on her head it was bought.
It is now on it's way to America.
This is almost one of the quickest hats I have ever sold.
This is definitely one of my favourite hats and one we enjoy making.
This is available to order from our website: 

Quirky Hats for Quirky Occasions

Quirky Hat, The Treble Clef

An usual special occasion when a quirky hat is required, look no further!
At Adrienne Henry Millinery we enjoy the challenge of designing the usual.
This treble clef was originally designed for us when we when to Royal Ascot three years ago. Our theme was musical notes and a keyboard.
We had a lot of fun and wearing unusual hats.
The cocktail hat is covered with red silk and black netting. The treble clef is shaped and wired sinamay.

We make all these hats to order. If you have an idea contact us.

Photographer: Pasquale Vaira, Canimortisudios

Elegant large brimmed hat - 'Simply Audrey' Collection

Inspired by the hats worn in the 1950's by Audrey Hepburn

This style of hat was inspired by those worn by the iconic actress Audrey Hepburn in films from the 50's.
The hat has a very wide brim with a drop down edge. The brim is overlaid with gold thread delicately woven over the entire brim. The underside of the hat is also very beautiful as it compliments the top. The crown is covered with black silk and is decorated with a black silk band and gold silk bow.
This and other designs are available to order direct from our website:


Classically Elegant Hat

Our website has been up for two days and what a success already!
The number of views world wide reached over 280 in less than 20 hours, it is so exciting.
The hat from our Classic Collection 'Innocence' has been made for two clients in the last couple of weeks. This hat has been very popular and can be worn by a bride, mother of the bride / groom and by ladies who wish to wear a very elegant and sophisticated hat.
Innocence is available to order from our website.

Royal Ascot Hat - CoCo Collection, The Butterfly

Beautiful Hats for Special Occassions
Today our CoCo Butterfly hat is being worn in the Royal Enclosed at Royal Ascot.
This is one of the many huts we have designed for clients this year to wear to Royal Ascot.
This and many other designs are now available to order from our new website.
Adrienne Henry

Adrienne Henry Millinery - New Website

One of our hats from our Simply Audrey Collection.
Our new website went live today, we have been very excited.
The website shows all our new designs from large hats to small cocktail hats.

This hat and many more available to order from our new website.

Hats for Royal Ascot from our Simply Audrey Collection

Hats for Royal Ascot  from our Simply Audrey Collection

One of our new Simply Audrey hat collection.
This large brimmed hat is covered with a beautiful gold threaded overlay and decorated with a gold silk bow.
Available to buy soon on our new website.