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Ladies Day at Royal Ascot

Peacock Feather Headpiece
Today I completed a Peacock feather hat perfect to turn heads at Royal Ascot.
The base is a pillbox covered with turquoise silk and is edged with sparkly beads of the same colour. The feathers spiral out from the centre and become larger in size as they go around the base.
It is a large piece which is very eye catching, the colours on the feathers are bright and beautiful.
To make enquiries about this hat please contact me.
Making a Cloche

Hat Making Workshops.

Making your own hat can be serious work and when completed you can leave wearing it, weather permitting.
At Adrienne Henry Millinery we offer a selection of hat making workshop. Ladies have travelled miles to learn how to make hats, the furthest was from the other side of the world.
To read about the workshops we offer please look at our website,
Or contact me via email:

L'Atelier, The Oracle, Reading, England

The centrepiece in our shop
Carefully balanced hats in red and black.
Red is a beautiful colour, its full of energy and always makes a statement when worn. I love wearing red and black and many moons ago used to be serenaded by boys in my classes when I was a maths teacher, red was my colour then as it is now.
If red suits you wear it! It can be worn all year round, whatever the weather.

L.Atelier - Our Pop Up Shop in the Oracle Reading

A few weeks ago we were given the opportunity of opening a shop in a large shopping centre, The Oracle, in Reading, England. We are the first of it's kind.

Everyone who visits is amazed to find us in this situation. Normally only the large companies can afford to be in here. We have been given the opportunity of a life time.

Our hats have been selling slowly and photograph sessions are being booked. The general population of Reading are still unaware of our existence.

It is very interesting to see how shoppers act. Most just walk through not looking right or left, they know where they want to go and just walk there.

Shoppers also like to touch, they are not interested in the product but feel the need to touch, pick up throw the product down and walk away.

The name L'Atelier baffles most people, as a French word a many are unable pronounce it and don't have a clue what it means.

We are happy, customers are happy. What more …
Top Hats with Peacock Feathers
Vintage Top Hats

The Mad Hatter's Hat

At Adrienne Henry Millinery we dress both vintage and new top hats in black and red.
These top hats are very popular with ladies wearing them to Royal Ascot, a Day at the Races and ladies attending weddings.
They are definitely a hat with a difference and certainly make people smile.
This vintage top hat has been dressed with green silk, peacock feather and vintage hat pins.
The lady who bought this was delighted as it fitted her perfectly.

Seashell Top Hat 

The Mermaid Collection Royal Ascot / Bridal
Another hat in our Mermaid Collection. This is a two tone 2/3 sized top hat decorated with veiling and seashells. Perfect to make heads turn when attending special occasions.
This design can be adapted to wear at Royal Ascot or Bridal. We offer a bespoke service to all our clients.
Adrienne Henry Millinery

Bridal Beaded Headpiece

Mermaid Collection
This beaded headpiece is part of our mermaid collection. The beads are stitched on to a base covered with luxury ivory velvet.
This is available to order  from Adrienne Henry Millinery. There is a choice of colours and beads available. We have a selection of vintage glass beads within our 'Something Old, Something New' designs. Perfect for the bride who wants a simple and sophisticated headpiece.
Please contact me by email:

Photographer   Anthony Free Photography
Audrey Hepburn Style Large Hat

Mother of the Bride, Royal Ascot, Ladies Day at the Races
At Adrienne Henry Millinery we are designing and making large hats with a vintage style. This design of hat was very popular in the 1950s and is due to gain popularity once again.
Our aim is to design an create beautiful hats for those attending Royal Ascot, Ladies Days at the races and for the Mother of the Bride or Groom.
This hat is available in colours to compliment your outfit.
Please look at our website for other designs,
or contact Adrienne via email: