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A Perfect Hat for a Gentleman

A Perfect Hat for a Gentleman Good morning sir, you fancy a hat?  Please let me assist with an informative chat
Hats are elegant and ageless both old and contemporary
I'll steer you quite swiftly via straw boater to Gatsby

  A Panama hat is actually Ecuadorian
  The Bakerboy hat is famously North American
  A Flatcap suits all seasons and occasions
  The Top Hat is English as recognised by all nations

  A Peak Cap or Patrol Cap have a military look
  The Pork Pie seems favoured by musical folk
  A Fedora is actually a larger version of a Trilby
  Now Sir all are available, so what will it be?
Written by Phil Daly

Lots of Men's hats available in 'My Little Hat Shop', 26, Harris Arcade, Reading RG1 1DN

Cossack Hat

Cossack Hat Perfect to wear on a skiing holiday or in very cold weather! Off White Cossack Hat Last month I had a give away in My Little Hat Shop. Everyone who follows me on my Facebook page, Adrienne Henry Millinery, were asked to like my post, share my post and then write a comment. Everyone who had followed these three requests had their name placed in a top hat on the 2nd January and the winning name was drawn and announced immediately. The winner, Kate,  came in last Saturday to pick up her hat. Kate was so delighted as next month she is going on a skiing holiday in Austria. Kate wearing her new Cossack Hat If you are interested in our next give away which will be announced at the end of this week, please like my Adrienne Henry Millinery Facebook page and follow the requests. The next giveaway winner will be announced on 14th February, Valentine's Day.