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Military Costume Hire - D Day Event

D Day Event 2014

This photo has just arrived from a family who we dressed for a 1940s D Day event in Berkshire.  The event was a success. The dinner served was based on the type of food served during the war and included lumpy gravy and custard, apparently it was delicious.
I really like this cheeky photo taken on the day.
A happy time was had by all.

Here at My Little Hat Shop we also hire military uniforms suitable for fancy dress parties, stage, blitz parties, 1940s parties and historical re-enactments.

Reading, Berkshire, England

Bridal Headpiece with Silk Roses

Bridal Headpiece with Silk Roses

Bridal headpiece decorated with two tones of ivory silk. This design can be designed to be worn on either side of the head. The roses can be made from any combination of colours. Perfect for the vintage or modern style dress.
Reading, Berkshire, England

Bridal Top Hat with Orchids, Danesfield House Hotel & Spa, Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

Bridal Top Hat

Danesfield House Hotel & Spa

Location: Danesfield House Hotel & Spa, Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

We were given the amazing opportunity to have a photo shoot at one of the most beautiful locations, Danesfield House. It was a terrific opportunity to shoot there and two days later George Clooney and his new bride celebrated their wedding there!

An elegant bridal top hat the alternative to the traditional bridal headpiece or cocktail tail.
Why not be different, mix vintage with a statement hat for your wedding? Our top hats are all made to order.

1950s Vintage style Wedding Photo Shoot At Danesfield House and Spa, Marlow, Buckinghamshire

Vintage Bridal Shoot at Danesfield House, Marlow
Our beautiful model wearing an original 1950's wedding dress and gloves.
For this shoot we designed a 1950's style pillbox hat with birdcage.
Available and made to order at
Adrienne Henry Millinery

Bridal Cocktail Hat with Birdcage - Vintage Style

Bridal Cocktail Hat with Birdcage

One of my lovely brides we designed a cocktail hat for.
This hat was made over the course of 5 months. Katy, the bride, took time to work with us to create the hat she wanted. 
Her love of  all that is 1950's vintage, peacock feathers, vintage mother of pearl buttons and a birdcage veil came together beautifully.

Adrienne Henry

Bridal Vintage Style Pillbox Hat

Bridal Vintage Style Pillbox Hat

This pillbox hat was made using an original hat block from the 1940s.
The pillbox is made from ivory sinamay covered with veiling and an attached birdcage. At the back there is a silk bow.
The pillbox is available to order from Adrienne Henry Millinery. Adrienne Henry Millinery, Reading, Berkshire, England

Bridal Beaded Cocktail Hat, Very Vintage!

Bridal Beaded Cocktail Hat  Very Vintage

Beautiful vintage Jaguar, 1950s original dress, vintage lace gloves and a beaded cocktail hat. Everything perfect for the special day.
The cocktail hat is covered with ivory velvet and decorated with pearl beads.
Available to order from Adrienne Henry Millinery.
For all enquiries please email Adrienne,

Reading, Berkshire, England

Cloche Making Workshop. Very 1920's!

Cloche Making Workshop

Very 1920's!

Completed cloche at the end of a workshop
Sometimes when we have workshop we are amazed at the colour combinations chosen. This cloche was beautifully made and we both enjoyed the workshop.
Some students know exactly what they want others just enjoy combining colours.
Cloche making workshops are help in our little hat shop in Reading, England.
Cloche workshops are £65 or £95 depending on the lesson chosen.

Reading, Berkshire, England

Bridal Button & Brooch Bouquet

Bridal Bouquet Vintage Buttons, Brooches and Beads 

Work in progress!
We are making a white and silver bridal bouquet using all that is vintage.
The buttons are the treasures form many grandmothers' button boxes. Brooches are all vintage and are mainly from the 1940s to 1950s. Glass beads from the 1930s to 1960s, these probably attended many parties and sparkled as the were worn to dances and parties. Each part of our bouquet probably has a story to tell.
Now each part lives on in our nearly completed bouquet.
Any ideas of bouquets you might like made for your wedding. Please email me, Adrienne with ideas.

Saucer hat with a curl, perfect for a wedding or day at the races.

Saucer Hats

The Curl Collection
This is part of our curl collection and is perfect to wear to weddings, Royal Ascot, a day at the races or other special occasion where you wish to make a statement.
The hat is saucer shaped and made from sinamay. The edge of the saucer and curl is edged with satin. The curl has a few black beads situated each end.
This hat/saucer is available in many colour combinations and can be made to be worn on the right or the left.

Art Deco inspired Cloches

Cloches with Art Deco Style Decorations Autumn is nearly here! Cloches are a perfect hat to wear from Autumn through to Spring. This is the first of our new cloche designs. We are inspired by Art Deco designs and have decided to create stylish cloches which represent this amazing period of design. This cloche is decorated with leather and agate beads. Cloches are available from 'My Little Hat Shop' in Reading, England, and will soon be available to buy on line. For all enquiries please email me: Adrienne Henry Millinery 

Hat, Hats and more Hats

Hats, Hats and more Hats
Large hats, small hats, Winter hats, Summer Hats, we stock and make them all! Vintage Hats, Hats which are vintage in style look no further, Russian Hats, military hats, children's Hats to name but a few, 1920's Cloches and feathery flapper headpieces, Ear warmers, boot toppers soon to be designed, Bridal headpieces and Hats for weddings, Ascot and days at the races, Garden parties both Royal and just for fun,  If a hat is needed come talk to us and have one designed just for you!

Head piece workshop @ Adrienne Henry Millinery

Headpiece Workshop

Kate having fun designing and making her headpiece for a wedding.
We had a lovely day today in the shop, Kate who also write for the website The Etiquette Butterfly, made a beautiful headpiece. Kate chose a gold base and edged it with black sinamay. Her decorations included gold and black loops and trios of black crystal beads.
I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with Kate and reading her very interesting posts on etiquette. Please take a look at her website and ask any etiquette questions. Happy reading!


Audrey Hepburn Inspired Hats

Iconic Hats from the 1950's Audrey Hepburn Inspired Hats

Our new collections include styles from the 1950's and 60's. The  2015 collections will be based on vintage styles and hats which are very sculptured.
During the 1050's Audrey Hepburn was a very important in so many ways. Fashion together with her looks made and icon. As a milliner I have tried to design hats similar to those worn by Audrey Hepburn.
A hat very similar to this was designed and worn to Royal Ascot this year by a race horse owner. Together with the client we created the perfect 1950's hat with a modern twist.

Mother of the Bride Handbag

Handbag to match Bespoke Hat.We have just completed our first bag to match a mother of the bride hat.  Using the same sinamay as the hat we have made we designed and made a very simple clutch bag. As this was our newest creation in the shop we were delighted with the result.
Many more designs to come!
1960s Pillbox Hats Iconic Hats of The Past

The Jackie 'O' Pillbox Hat
During the 1960's one of the most famous ladies, Jackie Onassis wore one of the most icon hats of the period, the pillbox hat. This was worn in a very elegant fashion and was copied by many and available all over the world. At Adrienne Henry we have designed a variety of these hats using silk and velvet. Each hat whilst similar in design has a different bow attached to the back. This hat is a perfect hat to wear to 60's occasions such as The Goodwood Revival in September.

Vintage style Bridal Headpiece

Vintage Style Bridal Headpiece

Vintage Headpiece with Embroidered Silk
We have created this headpiece using an original 1950s hat block. The base has been covered with ivory silk which has been embroidered with gold thread and completed with an ivory birdcage.

The headpiece can be either worn to the front of the head or to the side. It can be attached with an elastic to match your hair colour or a band.
This is available to buy in either plain silk or the embroidered ivory silk.

Goodwood Revival Military Costume Hire

Goodwood RevivalMilitary Costume Hire
Uniforms hired from us last year worn to Goodwood Revival, September 2013
RAF uniform perfect for Goodwood Revival 
Ladies Royal Navy

GI and RAF uniforms worn with pride!At Military Costume hire we pride ourselves in providing outfits of the highest quality. All our costumes are suitable for events such as Goodwood, Blitz parties, theatre productions, 1940s parties and murder mystery evenings.


Mother of the Bride Black Large Brimmed Hat

Mother of the Bride& Royal Ascot HatLarge Brimmed Hat with Large Ostrich Feathers
Black Classically Elegant Black Hat
This Large brimmed hat has been the most popular for mothers' of the bride. It has been signed in different colours with several varying decorations.
This hat is made from black sinamay. The brim is covered with black lace. The decoration is 3 large curled and trimmed ostrich feathers. There are beads at the back of the hat which provides a focal point. Each side of the hat has a point of interest. 
      Each of our hats are made to order and will compliment outfits for all occasions.
Royal Ascot Mother of the Bride Large Brimmed Hat

Royal Ascot is fast approaching.  The wedding season is in full swing.  Our most ordered hat has been our 'Mother of the Bride' large brimmed hat. 
We have made the hat in many colours and each one has been decorated differently.
Photography: Berni Palumbo Photography 
Model: Gemma Louise Clarke
Available at
Enquiries please email: adriennehenry
Bridal  Headpiece

The bridal headpiece has a simple and elegant appearance.
The ivory silk roses are clustered together to provide an impact of flowers. This design may have a birdcage veil attached to it on request. This is also perfect for bridemaids and is available to order in a variety of colours and materials.
This headpiece is made to order.

Wide Brimmed Hat
Mother of the Bride, Royal Ascot

At Adrienne Henry Millinery this has been the most popular hat for 'The Mother of the Bride'
The hat is made of sinamay which is covered with lace and may be dressed with feathers, silk, beads and a selection of many more materials and accessories.
For this style make in the colour and decoration of your choice please contact us.  All details are available on our website

For more information please email:

Ladies Day at Royal Ascot

Peacock Feather Headpiece
Today I completed a Peacock feather hat perfect to turn heads at Royal Ascot.
The base is a pillbox covered with turquoise silk and is edged with sparkly beads of the same colour. The feathers spiral out from the centre and become larger in size as they go around the base.
It is a large piece which is very eye catching, the colours on the feathers are bright and beautiful.
To make enquiries about this hat please contact me.
Making a Cloche

Hat Making Workshops.

Making your own hat can be serious work and when completed you can leave wearing it, weather permitting.
At Adrienne Henry Millinery we offer a selection of hat making workshop. Ladies have travelled miles to learn how to make hats, the furthest was from the other side of the world.
To read about the workshops we offer please look at our website,
Or contact me via email:

L'Atelier, The Oracle, Reading, England

The centrepiece in our shop
Carefully balanced hats in red and black.
Red is a beautiful colour, its full of energy and always makes a statement when worn. I love wearing red and black and many moons ago used to be serenaded by boys in my classes when I was a maths teacher, red was my colour then as it is now.
If red suits you wear it! It can be worn all year round, whatever the weather.

L.Atelier - Our Pop Up Shop in the Oracle Reading

A few weeks ago we were given the opportunity of opening a shop in a large shopping centre, The Oracle, in Reading, England. We are the first of it's kind.

Everyone who visits is amazed to find us in this situation. Normally only the large companies can afford to be in here. We have been given the opportunity of a life time.

Our hats have been selling slowly and photograph sessions are being booked. The general population of Reading are still unaware of our existence.

It is very interesting to see how shoppers act. Most just walk through not looking right or left, they know where they want to go and just walk there.

Shoppers also like to touch, they are not interested in the product but feel the need to touch, pick up throw the product down and walk away.

The name L'Atelier baffles most people, as a French word a many are unable pronounce it and don't have a clue what it means.

We are happy, customers are happy. What more …
Top Hats with Peacock Feathers
Vintage Top Hats

The Mad Hatter's Hat

At Adrienne Henry Millinery we dress both vintage and new top hats in black and red.
These top hats are very popular with ladies wearing them to Royal Ascot, a Day at the Races and ladies attending weddings.
They are definitely a hat with a difference and certainly make people smile.
This vintage top hat has been dressed with green silk, peacock feather and vintage hat pins.
The lady who bought this was delighted as it fitted her perfectly.

Seashell Top Hat 

The Mermaid Collection Royal Ascot / Bridal
Another hat in our Mermaid Collection. This is a two tone 2/3 sized top hat decorated with veiling and seashells. Perfect to make heads turn when attending special occasions.
This design can be adapted to wear at Royal Ascot or Bridal. We offer a bespoke service to all our clients.
Adrienne Henry Millinery

Bridal Beaded Headpiece

Mermaid Collection
This beaded headpiece is part of our mermaid collection. The beads are stitched on to a base covered with luxury ivory velvet.
This is available to order  from Adrienne Henry Millinery. There is a choice of colours and beads available. We have a selection of vintage glass beads within our 'Something Old, Something New' designs. Perfect for the bride who wants a simple and sophisticated headpiece.
Please contact me by email:

Photographer   Anthony Free Photography
Audrey Hepburn Style Large Hat

Mother of the Bride, Royal Ascot, Ladies Day at the Races
At Adrienne Henry Millinery we are designing and making large hats with a vintage style. This design of hat was very popular in the 1950s and is due to gain popularity once again.
Our aim is to design an create beautiful hats for those attending Royal Ascot, Ladies Days at the races and for the Mother of the Bride or Groom.
This hat is available in colours to compliment your outfit.
Please look at our website for other designs,
or contact Adrienne via email:
The Roaring 20s   Great Gatsby style

Red Cloche with a Twist This is an example of one of our most popular Cloches. We have sold these in many sizes and colours from our stall in The Apple Market, Covent Garden, London. The traditional cloche and those with a modern twist remain a very popular hat to wear from Autumn to Spring. As they are made from 100% felt they are a warm hat.  Thank you for reading our blog  Please visit our Facebook page, Adrienne Henry Millinery and our website  

A Perfect Hat for a Gentleman

A Perfect Hat for a Gentleman Good morning sir, you fancy a hat?  Please let me assist with an informative chat
Hats are elegant and ageless both old and contemporary
I'll steer you quite swiftly via straw boater to Gatsby

  A Panama hat is actually Ecuadorian
  The Bakerboy hat is famously North American
  A Flatcap suits all seasons and occasions
  The Top Hat is English as recognised by all nations

  A Peak Cap or Patrol Cap have a military look
  The Pork Pie seems favoured by musical folk
  A Fedora is actually a larger version of a Trilby
  Now Sir all are available, so what will it be?
Written by Phil Daly

Lots of Men's hats available in 'My Little Hat Shop', 26, Harris Arcade, Reading RG1 1DN

Cossack Hat

Cossack Hat Perfect to wear on a skiing holiday or in very cold weather! Off White Cossack Hat Last month I had a give away in My Little Hat Shop. Everyone who follows me on my Facebook page, Adrienne Henry Millinery, were asked to like my post, share my post and then write a comment. Everyone who had followed these three requests had their name placed in a top hat on the 2nd January and the winning name was drawn and announced immediately. The winner, Kate,  came in last Saturday to pick up her hat. Kate was so delighted as next month she is going on a skiing holiday in Austria. Kate wearing her new Cossack Hat If you are interested in our next give away which will be announced at the end of this week, please like my Adrienne Henry Millinery Facebook page and follow the requests. The next giveaway winner will be announced on 14th February, Valentine's Day.