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Musical Note Headpiece at Royal Ascot 2012

Harmony on Heads at Royal Ascot Last year 8 of us, family and friends, attended Ladies day at Royal Ascot. As we are a very harmonious group we wore appropriate headpieces Lyndsey wore the keyboard, as mentioned in a previous blog, the rest of us wore various musical notes. We had a great day and our hats were photographed all day long. We intend to go back next year, having missed this this year. I have many months to come up with an equally pleasing set of headpieces.  

La Parisienne Collection - Maroon Percher / Beret Hat

Maroon French Style Perching Beret The Parisienne Collection is a collection of French style hats and berets with a modern twist. In the collection there are a number of cloches, both traditional and new designs. They will be available to buy in different sizes and colours from our new website which will be online very soon. All our hats will be made to order. For any enquiries please contact me 

Military Uniform Hire - Uniform fit for a Lt Colonel

Military Uniform Hire - 1940s parties

 RAF Uniform Military Uniform Hire We have a selection of military uniforms from the three forces, Army, RAF and Royal Navy, both officer's and other ranks, available to hire. We also have American GI uniforms. All our uniforms are suitable for events such as the Goodwood Revival, Blitz Parties, 1940s re-enactments, Murder Mystery, Fancy Dress Parties. All information and prices are available on our website They are available to hire from my hat shop in Reading. 26 Harris Arcade, Reading, Berks, RG1 1DN 01189 504421 Or please contact me via email @ or

Military Uniform Hire - Goodwood Revival

Military Uniform Hire 'In My Little Hat Shop' we also have military uniforms for hire. These uniforms are perfect for events such as the Goodwood Revival, 1940s Blitz Parties, Murder Mystery evenings, 1940s re-enactment events and theatre productions. All the details can be found on our website:

La Gavroche - Crazy Caps

La Gavroche - Crazy Caps Everyone from Brigitte Bardot, Vanessa Paradis to Kate Moss have worn one.  For the "Gavroche" collection, we have used curtain fabric of various colours and designs. La Gavroche Collection is very Popular. Sold in Covent Garden, they are being bought by ladies who want to own this unique, timeless and quirky cap. Many of the caps are now in Paris, Boston, New York and even Texas :) to name just a few. You too can own a crazy cap. Photography:

Headpiece covered with Peacock Feathers

Peacock feather are beautiful to work with. They have so many colours and we use them to compliment many different coloured silks. This headpiece has a very simple but effective design. In the centre of the piece there are crystals, adding just a little sparkle. Soon to be on our new website available to buy. Any enquiries please contact me : 

Adrienne Henry Millinery - My new image

Adrienne Henry Yesterday once again we had a photo shoot. Mia, Mecifi Photography, photography our winter collection, for our soon to arrive website, and me. For once being pampered by and expert make up artist, Nicha Rajput based in Reading, was a real treat. Every woman should experience the feeling at least once in their lifetime. I loved every minute!