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Bridal Steampunk cocktail hat / headpiece

Bridal Steampunk Hat / Heapiece This steampunk hat/headpiece is suitable for the bride who wants to wear both traditional and steampunk at the same time. The cocktail hat is ivory and decorated with keys, chains, small watch parts and completed with curled pheasant feathers. All our headpieces are bespoke however, hats very similar to this can be made to order ivory or other colours. The hats are available to buy on etsy, Adrienne Henry Millinery and soon through our website For any enquiries please email me,

1920s Cloche Hat

Children's cloches Our first cloche made specially for children, or ladies with a petite head, was sold today. Jessica and her mum have the same size heads and wear each others hats, they are both hat lovers.
Both  mum and daughter were delighted with this 1920s cloche which has a modern day twist at the front. The button is vintage and made from mother of pearl.
Jessica looked very pretty in her new hat.

These smaller cloches are available from the shop and will be for sale online in the future.

For any enquiries please contact me,  

Hat makers who make hats for ladies are called Milliners

Being a milliner is a very interesting and frequently an exciting occupation. To play with straws felts and lots of  fancy decorations is very rewarding.

The term milliner now referring to both men and women who designs and makes hat was once just used for women. Of our well known milliners, the two names known by most people are men.

The word was first recorded in 1529 when it meant suppliers of fancy goods, the term was used to refer to the products for which Milan were well known. Milan together with northern Italian regions were well known for producing ribbons, gloves and straw.
These products were imported. The straws were called 'Millaners'.

It was only in the 1770s when the milliner started to design and make hats. France was noted for using the decorative aspects of millinery, England was where many styles of hats were designed.


White fedora

White Fur Felt Fedora This is a beautiful and very soft gentlemen's fedora which can also be worn by ladies. As a unisex hat it is suitable to be worn at weddings, on holiday and special occasions. We have a few in the shop but can order any size from our suppliers. The hat costs £95 and includes it's own hat box.

Bridal Headpiece - Vintage style silk bow and bird cage

Bridal Headpiece with Birdcage suitable for the Vintage Style Bride

This is a preview of our new bridal collection which will be on sale on our website in a few weeks time, We have been working hard on a new collection of bridal headpieces.
Each of our bridal pieces have a vintage style design and many include birdcages.

These headpieces are very suitable for brides who will be wearing a vintage style or original wedding dress. The headpiece above includes a silk double bow which is embroidered with a gold silk decoration. The birdcage together with the bow gives the headpiece a vintage feel. Model - Giorgia Sacco Photography - Ross Hale Take Away Gallery, Harris Arcade , Reading Hair and makeup - Priyanka Kaur Narain and Ilona Edwards 

Men's Fedoras

A Fedora A large selection of men's hats arrived at the shop last week, it was very exciting and took all day to sort out. . We now have fedoras in several colours including red. Also new black and maroon pork pies, Harrison Ford hats, summer fedoras and trilbys', bowler hats in lots of different sizes and top hats ready for Ascot.  Red and black berets are available, these are suitable for both ladies and gentlemen. Please come and visit My Little Hat Shop in Reading if you would like to look at our collection of hats for men. Anthony Free Photography 

Mother of the Bride Headpiece

Mother of the Bride Headpiece At the moment at Adrienne Henry Millinery we are making lots of headpieces for the mother of the bride. This headpiece, designed for Karen, was an ivory and gold silk covered cocktail base decorated with veiling, sinamay twists and a gold silk rose. The colours of the headpiece matched the colours of the dress and jacket perfectly. Bespoke smaller hats and headpieces are very fashionable and can me worn by ladies who are unable, or do not wish to wear a large hat. 

Hats for Winter Weather

The Winter Hat

Last week we all thought that the winter weather had finally gone, summer at last was here. Little did we know that it would not last. Tomorrow in London the temperature is not going to be much higher than 10 degrees Celsius, with an added wind chill factor, it will probably feel like winter again. Oh where has the sunny weather gone? Soon we will be once again making our winter collection of faux fur hats and ear warmers. Maybe I should start now and sell them in the shop and at Covent Garden. One day summer will come back, question is how long will it last? 

Steampunk Bridal Headpiece

Steampunk Bridal Headpiece
A successful day completing our Steampunk Bridal Headpieces. Rather than making headpieces or hats for weddings etc, I have been asked to design steampunk headpieces. Steampunk Headpieces include very interesting add ons, these include cogs, keys chains and pieces of clock and watches. We design bespoke headpieces for clients who wish to have that extra special hat no-one else has. Vintage Bridal Headpieces are also made to order. If you have a specific design in mind please contact us if you would like to make an enquiry. Steampunk headpiece available on etsy, Adrienne Henry Millinery For any enquiries please email me,

Black Coctail Hat

Black Cocktail Hat This hat is ideal for any special occasion including Ascot. Base base is covered with sequined fabric giving a sparkle. The base is topped with a circle of pleated black crin and completed with beads.
This hat can be seen at The Apple Market, Covent Garden, London this week. Price of this hat is £95. If you would like further information about purchasing the hat please email me.